Services Overview

Big Bend offers guided waterfowl and upland game hunts.

South Dakota pheasant perched in the middle of a field

Upland game

Big Bend Ranch sprawls along the mighty Missouri River, consisting of over 5,600 acres of rich farm and ranch land that cultivates the perfect atmosphere for fantastic pheasant hunting. Our dedication to your safety, knowledgeable staff, and strategic wildlife management tactics help us ensure that your experience is nothing less than rewarding.

Our farming methods and bird numbers remind hunters of the great hunting of a bygone era. During your stay with us you will find that wily Ring-necked Pheasant and Hungarian Partridge abound across the acres of Big Bend Ranch. Additional opportunities for our hunting parties include Prairie Chicken and Sharptail Grouse that inhabit our peaceful, rolling terrain.


Big Bend Ranch is nestled between gently rising hills, rich grain fields, and strategically placed hunting blinds – making it an alluring environment for sportsmen and geese alike.

Each year hundreds of thousands of Canada Geese stop at the adjacent refuge on their migration south. These geese leave the refuge on the river and cross the bluffs to feed in our fields, providing the opportunity for impeccable field shooting over decoys. With proper winds and weather, our pass shooting conditions are unmatched. Although Canada Geese are the primary species, large flights of Northern Mallards; White-front, Snow, and Blue Geese can also be spotted.

Waterfowl hunting usually takes place from sunrise until around 10:30a.m. and in the afternoon from 3:00p.m until sunset.

Hundreds of geese flying over and wading in open water