South Dakota is known as, "The Land of Infinite Variety," and we just know they had to be talking about the weather.

When packing for your trip keep in mind that 'Layering' works best for Pheasant Hunting- cooler mornings give way to warming temperatures throughout the day. Waterfowl hunting is a sedentary sport, one should dress warm and in layers. Please note outerwear should be in camouflage, tan or brown colors for waterfowl hunting. 



  • We highly recommend 12 gauge. We supply pheasant loads in 12 ga. 2-3/4" and 20 ga. 3" lead. Guests are welcome to bring special loads.


  • Think dry hunting conditions. (New boots? Be sure to break them in before arriving.) Waterproof is wise.

Long Underwear (2 pair)

  • Tops and bottoms. Those capable of 'wicking' away perspiration are best.

Upland Pants (2 pair)

  • Sand burrs, cockle burrs. Chaps can also solve this problem for you.

Upper Body Layers

  • Min. of 4 tops, camois, wool, fleece- all work well for layering. Stay away from cotton. Once wet you're going to get cold.

Wind Stopper

  • The wind does blow in South Dakota, so anything you can do to keep it out can come in handy.

Warm Weather Tops

  • What will you be wearing if you have 70 degree plus temps in September or October.

Shell Vest

  • Preferably with some blaze orange coloration for safety.

Hunting Jacket

  • Wind and Water repellant.

Gloves (2 pair)

  • If one pair gets wet you have spares. Be sure you can operate your safety and trigger with your gloves. Wool or leather.


  • Cold and windy weather will make you the envy of every one of your hunting buddies if you have this.

Socks (4 pair min)

  • Middle weights that can wick water away from your foot. Spares are a plus.

Rain Gear

  • Something that you can pull over for those wet or dewy mornings (or afternoons!)


  • Light to middle weight for crisp and windy days.

Casual Lodge Wear

  • Get comfortable and enjoy yourselves. There aren't any fashion police at our Lodge.

Shooting Glasses

  • Recommended that you wear them. If you forget them we will be happy to loan or sell you a pair.

Non Hunting Footwear

  • Relax in the lounge in moccasins, sandals, sneakers- something comfortable and casual.

Personal Items

  • Phone/laptop chargers, cameras, toiletries, a great new book, and don't forget your calendar to schedule next years hunt.

This list is by no means a complete one, but it hopefully jogs your memory into considering the diverse conditions you may find while hunting. We always say there are only two things you can't forget to bring with you, because we can't do anything for you if you forget them; your boots and a great attitude. Everything else we can help fix you up with should you forget to bring them.